House System

A tradition in British schools and a Ron Clark Academy best practice, the house system creates smaller, closer-knit learning communities that help students, faculty and staff members from all grade levels build relationships and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

At Citrus Ridge, students are randomly placed into one of six houses that they will participate in throughout their time at the school. Each house is represented by a color, figurehead and symbol selected by faculty and staff members.

While their daily class schedules and classes remain the same, students convene for monthly house meetings, during which they learn about their house theme and figurehead. Students discuss ways they too can demonstrate the character traits embodied in their house figurehead, and in doing so make their own positive impact on society.

Students receive points when they display citizenship, determination to do their best, and strong character. Students participate in a variety of campus competitions, allowing them to earn additional points for their houses and cultivating a spirit of camaraderie on campus.

Each house is further broken down into smaller families, which meet regularly to discuss pertinent issues and upcoming events. Each family is headed by a Citrus Ridge faculty or staff member who volunteers to serve as a family mentor.

Citrus Ridge’s house system was created to encourage positive classroom behavior, reduce disciplinary problems, facilitate relationship-building and allow students to associate with members of the school community they may never otherwise have an opportunity to meet.

House of Adventure
Represented by the color orange,
Amelia Earhart, and an airplane

Citrus Ridge House of CourageHouse of Courage
Represented by the color purple,
Rosa Parks, and a lion

Citrus Ridge House of ExplorationHouse of Exploration
Represented by the color green, Sacagawea, and a compass

Citrus Ridge House of GenerosityHouse of Generosity
Represented by the color yellow, Roberto Clemente, and open hands

Citrus Ridge House of InfluenceHouse of Influence
Represented by the color garnet, Martin Luther King Jr., and a microphone

Citrus Ridge House of InnovationHouse of Innovation
Represented by the color teal,
Walt Disney, and a light bulb

Purpose of the House System

  • Teachers, staff members and students connect with one another and develop closer bonds.
  • Students gain a sense of belonging and feel supported, which helps reduce disciplinary problems.
  • Students take ownership in their school.
  • Students learn to self-govern themselves and their behavior.
  • Students’ curiosity and creativity are engaged and encouraged.
  • Students develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, as well as flexibility and resilience.
  • House competitions provide students a sense of achievement outside of the classroom.
  • Everyone has fun!


Houses compete against each other for points that are earned by individual students and then credited to their respective houses. Points are earned in the categories of academics, service, conduct and activities. House points are tracked using LiveSchool.

Academic points are earned each quarter based on the student’s report card grades. Points are also earned through online school programs such as Accelerated Reader (AR) and Imagine Math (middle school). Students also participate in quarterly activities to earn points.

Service points are earned through house service projects. Points are awarded to houses based on the creativity, effectiveness and quality of their service projects.

Conduct points are awarded daily for demonstrations of good behavior, including attendance, a positive attitude, the completion of homework, and more. Conduct points are awarded by teachers and staff through LiveSchool. Conduct points may also be deducted when students fail to comply with school expectations.

Activity points are awarded to students through quarterly events and activities that are planned by the school’s administration. Activities may include student talent showcases, spelling competitions, math competitions, intellectual and field day activities. Students and parents will be notified of all events through flyers or the Remind notifications for each house.


To receive emails or text messages regarding your child’s house events and activities through Remind, click the button below.


The Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy House System, debuting this school year, supports students by developing a stronger sense of community, belonging, identity, and accountability within our larger student body of over 1,900 students. The House System develops student responsibility for on and off campus projects and student life events across the student body, rather than relying on a small group of students involved with student government.

  • To increase institutional and peer-to-peer support for each student;
  • To ensure individual care for each student with at least two adults who monitor and support the academic, social, moral, and behavioral growth of each Citrus Ridge student;
  • To multiply occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships ;
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop as servant leaders;
  • To build stronger interpersonal relationship skills for each student;
  • To provide more focused support internalizing character

Each House is responsible for at least one school-based student life event and one community-based service project each year. During House meetings, students check in with their house faculty sponsors regarding academics, behavior, other questions or concerns. They celebrate successes and plan upcoming projects.

House meetings may also consist of team building and character education.

The success of our house system hinges upon smaller communities of students. Rather than relying on a one­ time event to shape our school society, the House System enables us to continue with these smaller communities during the year and throughout each student’s entire high school experience. Heterogeneously mixing students into Houses encourages them to get to know other students with whom they may not otherwise associate.

Classes and lunches are not affected by the House System. Class schedules are determined by student course requests, academic readiness, placement, and available faculty.

Each student will meet with their house every Friday for meetings and connect with one another. Students may choose to participate in other Houses’ events or projects and earn points towards competitions for their assigned House.

Each of the 6 Houses has three faculty sponsors who are responsible for overseeing the meetings and functions of their House. The Houses are student-driven with teachers facilitating and providing guidance. Faculty sponsors work with the Parent Volunteer Coordinator to draft parent volunteers to support with supervision for on and off campus events and projects.

No, once your child has been sorted into a house, they will stay with that house through their time at Citrus Ridge. The process to sort the houses, was done randomly so that houses will remain as close to even in numbers as possible.

In college, career and life, learning to get along and work with others with whom we may not want to associate teaches us valuable relational skills which support the CRCA mission to develop students’ character. Faculty sponsors are there to support students in developing positive relationships with other students.

Throughout the year, competitions are held for Houses to earn coveted awards, such as food, special privileges, dress down days, etc. with the chance to win the prized House Cup in May. Competitions may include being most prompt to class, highest GPA, best athletic/event attendance, etc. Each student and faculty sponsor earns their House points during any competitions. During events and projects, it is the responsibility of each student and teacher to personally check in with the adult in charge of House Check-In to earn points for their House.

Once students are assigned to a House, they remain in that House until they are promoted to high school. Younger siblings will not be automatically assigned to the same House as their older.

All students will be randomly placed in a house at the time of registration regardless of enrollment date.

Every Friday, House events, and House Celebrations

$7.00 ; forms can be picked up in the front office or printed from our school website.